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It is commonly known there are no two identical cases. What is more, each case the Client comes with is unique. That is why we treat each commission in a totally individual manner. Nevertheless, during several years of providing legal services, it is possible to distinguish certain types of matters we have dealt with more frequently.

Business activity law – provision of comprehensive services for businesses:

  • contracts, permits, concessions, development conditions, building permits,
  • due-diligence for real estate and companies, legal assistance in the acquisition of property,
  • transformations of entities, registration matters (National Court Register),
  • staff-related matters,
  • representation in court and administrative proceedings, legal and administrative formalities,
  • design work contracts, and construction contracts (with a general contractor, subcontractors, on the project management basis), development contracts,
  • negotiating and servicing investment credit agreements, monitoring and assistance in the implementation of conditions precedent from credit agreements.

Legal Services for foreigners and Polish citizenship:

  • legalisation of the foreigners’ stay and work in Poland (including residence permit for a defined period, permit to settle, work permits),
  • assistance in establishing and conducting business activity by foreigners in Poland,
  • complete legal service for persons with Polish roots and people connected with Poland who wish to acquire the confirmation of possession, acquisition, restoration of Polish citizenship or being recognised as a Polish citizen – starting from document collection (including searches in archives) through registration, correction and supplementing deeds in the registry offices and drafting applications required by the law and ending with representation in the proceedings and acquisition of relevant decisions.

Damages and recovery of the expropriated real properties:

  • damages for traffic accidents – from the insurers and perpetrators,
  • damages connected with real estate – for expropriation due to the intended use as a public road in the local development plan and other,
  • damages from network companies, including for non-contractual location and use of power lines and poles on real properties, and related cases for the establishment of transmission easement against payment,
  • recovery of expropriated properties – irrespective of time, reason and legal basis of expropriation, analysis of opportunities, risks and costs, searching for and collecting documents, taking out-of-court measures as well as administrative and court steps.

Legal services for multi-family building owners and housing communities:

enforcement of rental fees, settlements of outlays and benefits, evictions, damages for the non-provision of a social flat for evicted tenants